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Basketball Wall Street: ” The Garden State Gem, Leilani Correa”

Basketball Wall Street: “The Garden State Gem, Leilani Correa”


Name: Leilani Correa
Height: 6’0″
Position: Guard
Class: 2019
School: Rutgers Prep-(Somers, NJ)
GPA: 3.5
Travel Club: Philadelphia Belles


  • Fundamentally Sound
  • Elite Slashing Ability
  • Size For Position
  • Ability To Create Plays
  • Finishing Through Contact
  • Scoring On All Three Levels
  • Athleticism/ Basketball IQ

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As a child Leilani Correa was surrounded by sports. First, her parents put her into soccer then they introduced her to basketball. Apparently she fell in love with basketball and has made tremendous strides as a prospect with a multifaceted skill-set and a bright future. The Howell, New Jersey native is of Puerto Rican decent and plays the game with passion and is an adept scorer with an explosive first-step. She is a throwback player in the sense of her craftiness and innate ability to deliver in the mid-range area with finesse and consistency. Defensively, she is very effective moving her feet well to turn the offensive player and to play the passing lanes to generate steals. The sophomore has emerged as one of the top players in the state as an integral part of Rutgers Prep-(Somers,NJ) top 25 national ranking and their deep run in the New Jersey State Tournament of Champions playoffs.

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In the classroom Leilani is a sharp student maintaining a 3.5 grade-point-average while living up to the high demands and expectations of distinguished head coach Mary Coyle Klinger, who is easily one of the top scholastic coaches in the country. “Coach Klinger has really effected me as a student-athlete because she always gets the best out of me and always wants me to improve in every aspect of my my game. She always puts me in the best situations at school and helps me understand that schoolwork comes first and then basketball. Everything is TEAM for her its never one person or one individual.” While still early in her development as a prospect Correa has garnered some semblance of recruiting interest from schools such as: Louisville; Rutgers; DePaul; South Florida; Maryland; Minnesota and Virginia among many others. Moreover, she will be playing with the Philadelphia Belles travel club in the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League.  Look for Leilani Correa to have a great junior season.

Basketball Wall Street: “Humble Hyman Is The Real Deal”

Basketball Wall Street: “Humble Hyman Is The Real Deal


Name: Teisha Hyman
Height: 5’10”
Position: Guard
School: Woodlands High School-(NY)
GPA: 3.7
College Projection: Major Division 1


  • Elite Ball Handling Skills
  • Scoring On All Three Levels
  • Off The Dribble Shooting
  • Half Court/Transition Vision
  • Ability To Create Plays
  • Size For Position
  • Athleticism/ Intangibles

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At first glance Teisha Hyman looks like your conventional high school sophomore student attending Woodlands High School-(Hartsdale, New York).But when she steps onto the basketball court you get to see another side of her which is a young lady that possess the talent, focus and competitive nature to be among the elite sophomore prospects in the country. A bevy of major division one college coaches have informed Basketball Wall Street that “Teisha has all of the tools and attributes of a major division one prospect.” And this is not mere conjecture, the Greenburgh native is a game-changing guard that attacks the basket off the dribble with dexterity and can score the ball from multiple levels on the floor. Defensively, she excels due to her length and strong basketball acumen which also contributes to her court vision as a play-maker. With the spring and summer travel club season right around the corner, it is important for a prospect to play well in order to be recruited and evaluated on a national level. And, to play against the top competition where Hyman always seem to come up big receiving serious recruiting interest from schools such as: Maryland; South Carolina; Syracuse; St John’s; Rutgers; Ole Miss; Virginia; South Florida; UMass and many others.

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Teisha’s humble and mature sensibility about herself comes from being raised in a tight-knit family including parents Troy and Angela,and older sister Tamarah. The Hyman family regularly attend The Allen Memorial Church of God in Christ in Mount Vernon where Troy is from and was a local basketball stand-out.The strong core values instilled in her translates to the basketball court. “My goals this spring and summer are to pick up more offers, improve on my skills and to consistently play at a high level in every game in the NCAA live period.” She is also performing very well academically and really enjoys studying Science, Mathematics and English to prepare herself for life after basketball.  Look for Teisha Hyman to  have a great showing this spring and summer on the travel club circuit.

Basketball Wall Street: “Alana Jones Is Off To A Fast Start”


Basketball Wall Street: “Alana Jones Is Off To A Fast Start”

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Name: Alana Jones
Height: 5’8″
Position: Guard
School: Rye Country Day School-(NY)
Class: 2020
GPA: 3.4
Travel Club: New Heights-NYC


  • Fundamentally Sound
  • Slashing Ability
  • Mid-Range Shooting
  • Finishing Through Contact
  • Strong Defender/High Motor
  • High Basketball IQ

Alana Jones is in her freshman year at the Rye Country Day School and has acclimated herself well in just a short period of time. She is a standout student-athlete maintaining a 3.4 grade-point average and is also excelling on the court playing for the schools girls varsity basketball team that is fresh off of winning the Ivy League New York State Association of Independent Schools Championship. At an early age Alana has identified the correlation between basketball and life. “Basketball has taught me teamwork,hard work, motivation and perseverance. Knowing what to do with the ball and whether to make the pass or to shoot is the best part of the game. It gives you the control to make a move that will change the game for better or worse. I want to endeavor on my performance on and off the court. As for basketball, I will continue to work on my strengths and concentrate more so on my weaknesses like quickening my shots and having better ball control. I am also looking to attend an academic program that will help me for my sophomore year,I am researching the possibilities now.”

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Alana exhibits a complete game on the court utilizing a strong basketball skill-set on the offensive end while putting forth maximum effort and determination on defense. She is the type of prospect that does what it takes for her team to win the game. These attributes make her a great teammate and classmate at the Rye Country Day School of Westchester County, which is a selective college preparatory high school with concrete academics. “The best part about attending Rye Country Day School is the academics and knowing you are being pushed to your full potential. The teachers care about you and want you to succeed so much that when you do the feeling is amazing and very rewarding. It is a challenging atmosphere in bounteous ways but at the end I know it will all be worth it. I am excelling in Biology.  Geometry is my most challenging class for me,  I have made the most improvement in Geometry and I expect to end the year with a great grade.  Its the class that I am most proud of. ” Alana Jones is off to an outstanding start as a stellar student-athlete, look for her to have a strong spring and summer playing for the New Heights travel club.