Basketball Wall Street: Prep Transfers 2018-19

unnamed (20)

Basketball Wall Street: Prep Transfers 2018

Leilani Correa 6’0″|G|2019-Rutgers Prep (NJ) to Manchester Township (NJ)
Nevaeh Brown 5’9″|G|2020-Central Cabarrus H.S.(NC) to Davidson Day School (NC)
Nyah Green 6’1″|G|2019-Bishop Lynch (TX) to Allen HS (TX)
Elizabeth Martino 5’11″|G|2020-Riverdale Baptist (MD) to Montverde Academy (FL)
Olivia Matto 5’9″|G|2019-Manheim Township (PA) to The Hill School (PA)
Mallorie Haines 5’10″|G|2021-Bandy’s H.S.(NC) to Davidson Day School (NC)
Kayden Lawson 5’11″|G|2020-Hathaway Brown (OH)  to  Orange H.S. (OH)
Diamond Johnson 5’5″|PG|2020-Phoebus H.S.(VA) to Neumann-Goretti (PA)
Khamya McNeal 5’7″|PG|2020- Shorewood H.S. (WI) to Milwaukee King (WI)
Janae Robinson 5’9″|G|2018-Mountain View-(VA) to Woodbridge H.S.-(VA)
Ava Toone 6’0″|W|2021 Packer Collegiate-(NY) to IMG Academy-(FL)
Arieal Scott 5’10″|G|2018 Urbana H.S.-(IL) to Danville H.S.-(IL)
Jaida Patrick 6’0″|G|2019 Long Island Lutheran-(NY) to Saddle River Day-(NJ)
Koi Love 6’0″|W|2019 Lake Highland Prep-(FL) to Miami Country Day-(FL)
Janel Moore 5’5″|PG|2021 Saddle River Day-(NJ) to Paramus Catholic-(NJ)
Yamilla Emanuel 6’2″|F|2019-School of The Future H.S.-(NY) to St John’s Prep-(NY)
Laysha De Los Santos 5’4″|PG|2019-Bishop Loughlin-(NY) to South Shore H.S.-(NY)
Monique Pruitt 5’11″|G|2018-Homewood-Flossmoor-(IL) to Montverde Academy-(FL)
Erica Martinsen 5’9″|G|2018 Blair Academy-(NJ) to IMG Academy-(FL)
Ella Stewart 5’7″|G|2020 Fall Mountain-(NH) to St Paul’s School-(NH)
Fatima Lee 5’6″|G|2020 South Shore-(NY) to Putnam Science Academy-(CT)
Ciara Brannon 6’1″|W|2020 Camden Catholic-(NJ) to Willingboro-(NJ)
Tiffany Hammond 5’8″|G|2020 King’s Christian-(NJ) to Life Center Academy-(NJ)
Amani Free 6’0″|W|2018 Long Island Lutheran-(NU) to Cicero-North-(NY)
Diamonae McClean 5’8″|G|Long Island Lutheran-(NY) to St Francis Prep-(NY)
Destiny Samuels 6’0″|F|2018 Long Island Lutheran-(NY) to Baldwin-(NY)
Shanell Haskins 5’9″|G|2019 Riverdale Baptist-(MD) to Capitol Christian-(MD)
Brennah Cody 6’4″|P|2019 Queen of Peace-(NJ) to Patrick School-(NJ)
Maddy Ruddy 5’4″|PG|2020 Edison HS-(NJ) to Patrick School-(NJ)
Taniyah Greene 5’11″|F|2020 Capitol Christian-(MD) to Riverdale Baptist-(MD)
Yanni Hendley 5’8″|G|2019 Ursuline Academy-(DE) to Riverdale Baptist-(MD)
Amaya Oliver 6’2″|W|2020 St Mary’s-(CA) to Sacramento HS-(CA)
Janiya Jones 5’10″|G|2019 Whitewater-(GA) to Henry County-(GA)
Cassidy Roberts 5’7″|G|2019 Long Island Lutheran-(NY) to St Francis Prep-(NY)
Livija Kaktaite 5’6″|PG|2018 Lithuania U18 to Long Island Lutheran-(NY)
Chaniqwa Gilliam 5’9″|G|2019 Atlantic Shores Christian-(VA) to Lake Taylor-(VA)
Sophie Togus 6’0″|G|2020-Glenn Falls HS-(NY) to Brewster Academy-(NH)
Morgan Gentile 6’0″|G|2020 Troy HS-(PA) to Elmira HS-(NY)
Mikeala Brunais 5’8″|G|2020 Paul VI Catholic-(VA) to Chantilly HS-(VA)
Emaree Hinton 6’1″|F|2019-Bay Shore HS-(NY) to St Francis Academy-(MD)
Jayla James 6’1″|W|2019-Paul VI Catholic-(VA) to Riverdale Baptist-(MD)
Elizabeth Martino 5’11″|G|2020-National Christian-(MD) to Riverdale Baptist-(MD)
Rokia Doumbia 5’8″|G|2018 Hamilton Heights-(TN) to IMG Academy-(FL)
Honesty Scott-Grayson 5’11″|G|2018 Paul VI Catholic-(VA) to Riverdale Baptist-(MD)
Alisha Lewis 5’7″|PG|2019-Ursuline School-(DE) to Long Island Lutheran-(NY)
Olivia Wells-Daniels 5’9″|G|2020-Middletown-(OH) to Monroe Senior-(OH)
Cali Konek 5’6″|G|2019-Norwin-(PA) to Southmoreland-(PA)
Elizabeth Beals-Iseyemi 6’0″|WF|2019-Dartmouth HS-(NS) to St Paul’s School-(NH)
Jordan Issacs 6’2″|F|2019-North Paulding-(GA) to Saint Francis-(GA)
Jeanna Cunningham 6’3″|F|2020- Brentwood-(NY) to St Francis Prep-(NY)
Molly Lynch 5’7″|G|2020- St Rose-(NJ) to Rutgers Prep-(NJ)
McKenzie Helms 5’8″|G|2019-Loomis Chaffe-(CT) to East Haven-(CT)
Jennifer Ezh 6’3|F|2019 Riverdale Baptist-(MD) to New Hope Academy-(MD)
Andrea Aquino 6’9″|F|2018-Paterson Eastside-(NJ) to Ribet Academy-(CA)
Zenela Apesemaka 5’6″|G|2018-Bishop McNamara-(MD) to National Christian-(MD)
Niya Fields 5’8″|G|2020- Peekskill-(NY) to Putnam Science Academy-(CT)
Roxane Makolo 5’9″|G|2019-Quebec-(CAN) to New Hope Academy-(MD)
Shelby Hicks 5’9|G|2019- Parkdale to New Hope Academy-(MD)
Sunshine McCrae 6’2″|F|2019-East Pennsboro-(PA) to Trinity-(PA)
Ari Koivisto 5’8″|G|2019 Woodstock Academy-(CT) to Putnam Science-(CT)
Brooke Tartarian 5’9″|G|2021-Bronxville-(NY) to Masters School-(NY)
Taychaun Hubbard 5’7″|G|Laurel-(MD) to National Christian-(MD)
Gift Sampson 5’10″|WF|2018-Paterson Eastside-(NJ) to Lodi Immaculate-(NJ)
Aannah Interrante 5’10″|G|2018-Johnsburg-(IL) to McHenry-(IL)
Eva Interrante 5’7″|G|2020-Johnsburg-(IL) to McHenry-(IL)
Rejon Hawkins 5’10″|W|2019 TPLS Christian-(VA) to Rock Creek-(MD)
Syd Watkins 5’10″|WF|2018-Queen of Peace-(NJ) to Saddle River Day-(NJ)
Abigail Robinson 6’1″|F|2020 Mount Vernon-(NY) to Putnam Science-(CT)
Mikayla Pippen 6’1″|F|2018 St Vincent Pallotti-(MD) to Rock Creek-(MD)
Robyn Howard 5’7″|G|2019-Oxon Hill-(MD) to National Christian-(MD)

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