Basketball Wall Street: “SayYesToSuccess Elite Prep Showcase 2018”

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Basketball Wall Street: “SayYesToSuccess Elite Prep Showcase 2018”

The 3rd Annual SayYesToSuccess Elite Prep Showcase took place January 13th-15th 2018 in New York City, in honor and remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The event correlates with the message of Dr. King because it featured a diversified field of high quality, scholastic programs and student-athletes from every race, creed, and walk of life. 40 teams from 10 different states including: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Georgia attended the event. The following prospects performed at a very high level in the event and were evaluated by Basketball Wall Street:

20180114_132559                           Jakia Turner-Brown 6’1″ | W| 2019   Bishop McNamara (MD)

  • Smooth and skilled wing prospect | Superior mid-range game.
  • Elite off-the-ball offensive concepts | Advanced ability to use screens.
  • Utilizes angles with a south-paw approach | High Basketball IQ.

20180113_125226 (3)

                      Silke Milliman 6’2″ | F | 2019  Northfield Mt Hermon (MA)

  • Versatile stretch forward with an elite skill-set. | Creative face-up scorer.
  • Solid perimeter and 3-pt shooter | Rebounds in space. | Tough defender.


                              Michelle Sidor 5’8″ | G| 2019  Saddle River Day (NJ)

  • Explosive Scorer | Elite shot creator| Solid ball-handler with quickness.
  • High energy | Active defender | Strong shooter with range.

20180114_132355                            Kateri Poole 5’9″ | PG | 2020  Monsignor Scanlan (NY)

  • Elusive and shifty off the dribble | Elite drive, draw, and dish ability.
  • Power dribble drive with dexterity | Improved range as a shooter.

20180113_171936 (3)

                        Taliyah Medina 6’1″ | W | 2020   Bethlehem Catholic (PA)

  • Ideal size and skill-set for a modern wing prospect | Ability to make plays.
  • Fluid athlete that excels in transition as a finisher|High level scorer.

20180114_132548 (3)

                            Madison Scott 6’2″ | WF | 2020   Bishop McNamara (MD)

  • Emerging wing prospect with elite size, athleticism, and slashing ability.
  • Sharp face-up and drive game| Elevates and finishes at the rim|Runs the floor well.


                            Katherine Almeida 6’5″ | P | 2019   Shenendehowa (NY)

  • Strong post prospect with good hands and footwork | Reliable pivot and finish move inside with good coordination.
  • Elite defender with shot-blocking ability|High Basketball IQ.


                                Taniya Hanner 6’2″ | F | 2019  Roselle Catholic (NJ)

  • Physical on the blocks|Strong rebounder on both ends of the floor.
  • Length and ball skills allow her to finish inside over the defense.

20180114_161953 (2)

                                       Maddie Plank 6’0″ | G | 2019 Briarcliff H.S. (NY)

  • Crafty, big guard with a good feel for the game | Strong passing fundamentals.
  • Ability to make plays| Smooth scorer with a high level ball skills.


                              Brianna Randolph 5’7″| PG | 2019 William Bryant (NY)

  • Dynamic offensive concepts | Elite mid-range game producer off the dribble.
  • Sharp cross-cover and inside-out maneuvers | Consistent 3-pts shooter.


                                Jaida Patrick 5’11” | W |2019   Saddle River Day (NJ)

  • Ideal size and athleticism| High level intangibles and ball skills.
  • High motor| Elite defensive concepts|Plays within a team concept.


                           Janiya Jones 5’10″|G|2019  Henry County H.S. (GA)

  • Strong slashing guard with a solid build and a good dribble drive move to the basket.
  • Ability to create plays in a half-court set or in transition.


                                Aaliyah Pitts 6’0″|W|2020  Woodbridge H.S. (VA)

  • Athletic, hardworking wing| Finishes through contact.
  • Quick jab-step and drive move to the basket| Solid mid-range game.


                                     Caitlin Mullin 5’9|G| 2020  Xaverian H.S. (NY)

  • Combo guard with an advanced offensive game|High basketball IQ.
  • Excellent shooter with form and follow through| Good court awareness.


                                    Janayshia Brown 6’2″|G|2020  Peddie School (NJ)

  • Good coordination, skill-set and fluidity for a big guard or wing.
  • Multifaceted offensive game| Great size and basketball IQ.

20180115_141435 (2)

                        Giana Boulden 6’0″ | WG| 2020 Trenton Catholic (NJ)

  • Solid slasher from the wing area| Athletic with a developing skill-set.
  • Strong on-ball defender| Draws contact and converts at the free-throw line.

20180115_102138 (1)

                               Jamie Behar 6’2″ | WF |2020   Oceanside H.S. (NY)

  • Elite shooter with range.| Strong rebounder | Can score inside
  • Good ball-handler in the open floor.| D1 size and build.

20180115_114036 (1)

                             Megan Landsiedel 6’0″ | G | 2020 Stamford H.S. (CT)

  • Fundamentally sound guard with size and length| Solid perimeter shooter.
  • Attacks the basket in transition| Good vision as a passer in the open floor.

20180113_171955 (1)

                                  Erika Porter 6’3″|P|2020 Notre Dame H.S. (NJ)

  • Physical post prospect with good low post footwork and hands|Converts inside.
  • Defensive presence in the paint area| Upper body strength.


                                 Liatu King 5’11″|W|2020  Bishop McNamara (MD)

  • Prototypical size and athleticism for a wing prospect.
  • Scores well in traffic and through contact| Versatile defender.


                                Selma Markisic 5’7″|G|2020 Xaverian H.S. (NY)

  • Physical young guard prospect with an emerging skill-set.| Tough defender.
  • Strong and effective dribble drive to the basket producer.

20180113_202230 (1)

                                 Adia Burrows 6’0″|F|2019  St Paul’s School (NH)

  • Smooth, Reliable scorer inside and from the mid-range area| High Basketball IQ
  • Good mobility | Physical presence in the lane.


                              Brooke Moore 5’7″|G|2018   Henry Country H.S. (GA)

  • Jet-quick combo guard with elite shooting range and dribbling skills.
  • Explosive, polished scorer| Committed to Auburn

  • 20180113_113233                           Danielle Robinson 6’0″|W|2018 University H.S. (NJ)
    • High energy wing prospect that attacks the basket with aggression.
    • Excels and finishes in transition with good body control.


                                          Meg Hill 6’3″|P|2018  Mansfield H.S. (MA)

  • Good offensive skills | Can score inside-out with a good feel for the game.
  • Physical in the paint area| Committed to Seton Hill

  • 20180115_141347(0)                            Paris McBride 5’6″|PG|2018 Woodbridge H.S. (VA)
    • Speedy, quick floor general with good ball-handling and passing ability.
    • Strong on-ball defender| Committed to Delaware.

    20180113_183434 (1)

                             Cameron Tooley 5’7″|G|2018 Shenendehowa H.S. (NY)

    • Senior guard with an effective offense game| Elite shooter from 3-pt range.
    • Competes on every possession| Gets into the lane off of dribble drives.

    20180113_202648 (1)

                                   Mckenna Frank 5’8″|G|2018 St Luke’s School (CT)

    • Experienced guard prospect that changes speeds well as a ball-handler.
    • Gifted scorer with a strong offensive skill-set and a High IQ.

    20180113_171908 (1)

                                  Natalie Rhine 5’8″|G|2018 Bethlehem Catholic (PA)

  • Productive senior guard with the ability to make plays with solid shooting and ball-handling skills.
  • Good court awareness and vision as point guard.

  • 20180114_185759

                                   Jenna Jordan 6’1″|F|2019-Saddle River Day (NJ)

    • Effective forward prospect that can score inside and battles to establish rebounding position.
    • Emerging offensive skill-set| Good at setting screens for teammates.


                                     Maggie Dnaehy 6’1″|F|2019 Mansfield H.S. (NY)

    • Solid forward prospect that converts inside and from the short corner.
    • High basketball IQ| Rebounds her area well.


                         Madison Stevens 5’7″|PG| 2019 Loomis Chaffee School (CT)

    • Solid combo guard prospect| Excels in the open floor.
    • Ability to create plays| Effective scorer in transition.


                                     Ella Stewart 5’9″|G|2020 St Paul’s School (NH)

    • Fundamentally sound guard prospect with solid shooting and ball-handling skills.
    • Ability to score at a high rate in transition or in a half-court set.


                            Grace Heeps 6’0″|G|2019 Northfield Mt Hermon (MA)

    • Steady guard prospect with the ability to make shots from a variety of spots on the floor.
    • Versatile with the skills to post up smaller guards| Plays well without the ball.

    20180115_171703(0) (1)

                           Kayla Robinson 5’7″|PG|2019  Putnam Science Academy (CT)

    • Point-guard prospect that possess quickness and a good feel for the game
    • Elite speed in transition and excels as a finisher.


                             Reilly Campbell 6’2″| F | 2019  Loomis Chaffee School (CT)

    • Hardworking forward prospect that can score with strength and finesse.
    • Active defender with length| Runs the floor well.

    20180113_143010 (2)

                               Vanessa Laumbach 6’2″| F |2020 Woodbridge (VA)

    • Solid stretch forward| High energy athlete| battles inside for rebounds.
    • Can score the basketball inside-out| Reliable hands with a soft touch around the basket.


                                 Julia Fabozzi 6’1″ | G |2020 Xaverian H.S. (NY)

    • Versatile big guard with multifaceted ball-skills| Creativity as a scorer.
    • Active on-ball defender| High upside as a prospect.


                                 Alana Lombardi 5’9″|G|2020 Briarcliff H.S. (NY)

    • Young guard prospect with sharp ball skills| Plays with a team concept.
    • Utilizes dribble-drives, floaters and perimeter shooting as a scorer.


                               Raiana Brown 6’1″|F|2019 North Babylon H.S. (NY)

    • True power forward prospect| Converts inside at a high rate.
    • Drop-step and back to the basketball moves in place|Defends the paint with physicality.


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  • Great Tournament! Thanks to all the organizers! Job well done! They young ladies were all well behaved and focused on what they came out to do!

    Thank you!


    “Adia Burrow” from St. Paul’s school, should have an s at the end of her last name. “Adia Burrows”
    Can you please update please? Thank you!

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