Basketball Wall Street: 2020 Prospect, Megan Landsiedel 5-11 Guard


Basketball Wall Street:  2020 Prospect Megan Landsiedel 5-11 Guard

unnamed (20)

Name: Megan Landsiedel
Height: 5-11
Position: Guard
School: Stamford High School (CT)
Grade Point Average: 3.3 –high honors
Travel Club: New Jersey Freedom | @NJFreedom
Events: Run For The Roses July 5-8 2018 Louisville (KY)
Twitter: @LandsiedelMegan
Extracurricular Activities: High School Leadership Academy | Team Captain | Volunteering and Fundraising for High School and AAU


  • Size For Position
  • Court Vision
  • Shooting Ability
  • Rebounding
  • Versatility
  • Ball Handling
  • Defense

unnamed (21).jpg

                                 SayYesToSuccess 2018

  • Versatile guard prospect with size and length | Strong Shooting ability.
  • Court vision and play-making skills | Competes on the defensive end.
  • Rebounds well and pushes tempo in transition | High Basketball IQ.

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