Basketball Wall Street: Team United Girl’s Travel Club 2019

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Basketball Wall Street: Team United Girl’s Travel Club 2019

Name: Team United
Director: Ashley Rivens
Location Base: Charlotte, North Carolina
Established: 2019
Affiliation: Nike
Twitter: @TeamUnitedGBB

Program Goals

Team United was created to provide a structured environment for elite athletes throughout the Mecklenburg Region and surrounding areas to compete with elite programs across the country. The Elite of the Elite. Our goals are to compete at a very high level.


17U-Ashley Rivens   @SheIsCoachAsh
15U-Vagus J Gibson   @CoachG1020 
14U-Johnnie Cheeks

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Team United is a newly minted travel club program rooted in the Charlotte, North Carolina area lead by director, Ashley Rivens, and multitude of great coaches and student-athletes. At this point, the program consists of three teams loaded with talented prospects. Look for Team United to play well and compete at an elite level this spring and summer on the travel club circuit.

Reigan Richardson 6-0 | G | 2021 @Reiganhoopz20
Kyanna Morgan 6-0 | G/W | 2020 @Kyanna_Morgan
Zaria Clark 5-9 | G | 2021 @Zaria_Clark
Tanajah Hayes 5-6| PG | 2021 @HayesTanajah
Lauren Sullivan 6-0 | PG | 2020 @LaurSullivan23
Mallorie Haines 5-10 |G | 2021 @MallorieHaines
Neveah Brown 5-10 | G | 2020
Jaclyn Feit 6-3 | P | 2020 @Jacfeit

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