Basketball Wall Street:”Zaakyaa Young Is Off To A New Start”

Basketball Wall Street: Zaakyaa Young 2021 Prospect


Name: Zaakyaa Young
Height: 5-8
Position: Point-Guard
Class: 2021
School: Millennium High School (NY)
GPA: 3.5
Travel Club: Philly Triple Threat
Twitter: @Bball_Zee2021
Instagram: Bball_Zee2021

Extracurricular Activities/Volunteer Work:Black belt in karate (Shotokhan), Track, Debate and Speech Team, Volunteer Assistant Coach for Middle School girls team


  • Fundamentally Sound
  • Speed | Quickness
  • Defensive Concepts
  • Ball-Handling
  • Ability to Create Plays
  • Perimeter Scoring
  • Physical | Good Motor


Zaakyaa Young is off to a fresh start as a student-athlete, having just recently changing schools to Millennium High School (NY) after two seasons at St Joseph High School (NY). Moreover, she will be traveling with the Philly Triple Threat program this upcoming spring and summer on the Under Armour circuit. “I want to challenge myself to improve my basketball game by playing against the best competition, while enjoying the moment with my teammates. I am also exited to be playing in the new Under Amour Girls League with the Philly Triple Threat program and coach Kyle Adams.”

The 5-foot-8 collegiate prospect possess a good skill-set and a high IQ on both sides of the court as an assertive defender.  Which will be on display when she travels to attend the USA Basketball U16 Trials, May 23-27 2019 in Colorado Springs, CO to compete against some of the top talent in the country.  “I love playing on-ball man-to-man defense, it pushes you to protect the house at all costs and shows who can play against the best.” The Brooklyn, NY native is also doing very well in the classroom as an honors student in mathematics, and is excelling in subjects like English and history, maintaining a 3.5 G.P.A. Look for Zaakyaa Young to have a strong showing this spring and summer as a complete student-athlete.


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