Basketball Wall Street: Junior College Commitment Rundown

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Basketball Wall Street: Junior College Commitment Rundown

Kiara Dallmann 6-2 Iowa Western-(DePaul)
Tina Stephens 6-2 Florida Southwestern-(Kansas)
Rita Pleskevich 5-9 Broward College-FL-(Washington)
Dekeriya Patterson 5-9 Chipola College-FL-(West Virginia)
Rellah Boothe 6-3 Northwest Florida-(Middle Tenn State)
Gabbie Green 5-7 South Plains-TX-(Pittsburgh)
Yemiyah Morris 6-6 Cochise College-AZ-(Mississippi State)
Natasha Mack 6-4 Angelina College-TX-(Oklahoma State)
Maryia Adashchyk 5-11 Panola College-TX-(Minnesota)
Jennifer Parker 6-1 Trinity Valley-TX-(Memphis)
Wiebke Schwartau 6-6 Midland College-TX-(Towson) Germany
Emma Villas-Gomis 6-3 Salt Lake-UT-(Texas Tech) France
Eternati Willock 6-4 New Mexico CC-(Middle Tennessee St)
Jnaya Walker 6-1 Trinity Valley TX-(Central Florida)
KeKe Hunter 6-0 South Plains TX-(Memphis)
Sierra Votaw 6-2 Eastern Florida St-(Mercer)
Diamond Forrest 6-5 Walters State-TN-(Wichita State)
Dazha Congleton 5-7 Wabash Valley-IL-(Marshall)
Tonysha Curry 5-10 Florida Southwestern-(Stetson)

CeCe Mayo 5-10 Northwest Florida-(Indiana State)
Dahnye Redd 6-0 Harford College-MD-(Morgan State)
Demaurea Moore 6-0 Wallace State-AL-(Delaware State)
Miki’ala Maio 5-9 Salt Lake UT-(Nevada)
Marie Hunter 5-6 Wabah Valley-IL-(Indiana State)
Leandra Echi 5-6 Northwest Florida-(Indiana State)
Jo’Nah Johhnson 5-9 Northeast Oklahoma A&M-(Western Kentucky)
Miajah Bullock 5-9 Harford College-MD-(Morgan State)


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