Basketball Wall Street: “New York Rensaissance Girl’s Basketball off to a Great Start”


Basketball Wall Street: “New York Renaissance Girl’s Basketball off to a Great Start”

Name: New York Renaissance 8th Grade 2023 Team
Head Coach: Dominique Nute
Twitter: @DNute_22
Schedule: USJN (DC) July 20-23 | Insider Exposure Summer Finale (NJ) July 24-25

Dominique Nute, began coaching at a local middle school in New York City in 2007 after relocating from Chicago, Illinois. Subsequently, coach Nute along with another coach started a basketball program for middle school aged girl’s and boy’s. The windy city native has managed to put together an impressive 8th grade team that is very talented and well coached. “When I transitioned over to the NY Renaissance program, the goal was just to coach and focus on the growth and development of the young ladies that were joining me this season. Steve Basquiat and Charles Hawley are also on the coaching staff and have been a great addition to the program and team as well.”

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Program Goals

The goal of the entire program is to create and achieve an environment that strongly encourages personal development through rigorous academic initiatives, rewarded by educational incentives. On the girls’ side, we have been extremely grateful as well as excited about breaking ground for the popular and very successful, NY RENS, Boys Nike EYBL program. Our inaugural team came out loaded with talent – several of NYC’s top prospects in the 2023 class on the girls’ side are currently playing for the NY Renaissance program. With hard work, dedication, and the commitment to excellence in all areas of life through high level competition, the program as a whole has helped build the confidence needed for our girls as well as young men to reach their full individual potential both on and off the court.

As it relates to my own personal goals for the team and the players – I just want them to compete, get better, and work hard all the time. I want them to grow and mature as young ladies’/human beings. I never want them to not give their full energy and effort. Like any other coach in NYC or in grassroots basketball, I want them to grow and develop both on the court as well as off the court in the classroom.  The long term goal is to get these girls to play high level high school and college basketball. I have a whatever it take mentality, so we will always go above and beyond to ensure the girls have what they need to be successful.

Special Group of Kids

This team is special because we have some of the best in the 2023 and 2024 class and they work so well together. They are each other’s biggest critics and biggest cheerleaders. They support each other and I really respect the love and loyalty they have shown each other over the last few years. Some of them have been playing together for the last 2 to 3 years. They are able to coach each other up during in game moments. The maturity, their level of focus, it’s something that makes them so special.  Each has a very unique role on the team and they have all bought into the system that we have created together.  Can’t really ask for more than that with young hungry, competitive and super talented kids. It’s been a very interesting year for them as group, but they have taken on every challenge that has been thrown their way and ran with it. Win, lose or draw, they have taught me a lot this year and I am sure the names on our NY RENS roster will be names you continue to hear about for years to come.

Angelica Velez 5’6 (PG) -– c/o 2023 –  is a crafty point guard that can score on multiple levels, often defends our best opponent and along with her impeccable handle she has tremendous court vision.She has continued her strong leadership abilities on the court this season. The most improved part of her game has been her mid-range jump shot as well as her decision making ability. Angelica has the ability to create her own looks, she gets to the rim with easy. The future is bright for this young lady, and we look forward to watching her continue to grow as she transitions into high school this Fall!

Grace Sundback 5’8 (SG) -– c/o 2023 –  she does it all! Sharp shooter that can score the long ball as well as a good mid range game. Works well without the ball to get open and has no problem banging around down low on defense to grab rebounds and defend. Every time she steps on the floor, she is ready to compete and do whatever it takes to get the win for her team. Grace will be attending Xaverian High School in Brooklyn this upcoming Fall.

Aalyah Del Rosario 6’6 (C) -– c/o 2023 –   at 6’6, it’s not just blocking shots and dominating the boards, Aalyah is effective with her back to the basket using her soft touch but sees the open man from the high post position when she’s not taking advantage of her mid range jumper. She recently earned an invite to the Blue Star 30 camp and will be attending the Westtown School in Pennsylvania this upcoming Fall.

Zahra King 5’7 (PG) -– c/o 2023 –  this lefty can take the ball to the basket on her own with her superb handle but can also finish at the rim off a pretty feed on a cut to the basket with her speedy footwork. She is one special guard that has that New York City confidence on the floor. She has the ability to score at multiple level and can also make some nice defensive plays as well. She has an extremely bright future a head of her. We are looking for her to have a break out summer this July!

Dallysshya Moreno 5’11 (SF) -– c/o 2023 –   agile like a guard with the size of a forward. She plays well with her back to the basket but has a strong enough handle to get to the hoop from the high post position.  She is a defensive presence in the paint blocking shots and grabbing rebounds. She has made the most growth over the past year. She is a true gym rat that understands the meaning of hard work and dedication. She will be attending Baldwin High School in the Fall.

Gabriella Ross 5’6 (SG) -– c/o 2023 –  one of the best guards in her class right now in New Jersey! She is a lefty that can shoot the deep three but also has a nice touch mid range. Great at anticipating on defense and collecting steals for a strong transition game. Good court vision. Her perimeter game has really improved – she can really shoot the three ball! She has the ability to play multiple positions; she is active on both ends of the floor, which makes her extremely special at this age. She has really shown a lot of growth and maturity in this group and I can’t wait to see her this July as well as this upcoming fall as she suits up for Manchester High School.

Jennah Johnson 5’7 (SG) – c/o 2024 – This kid is special. Her length, her ability to score, defend, and communicate! She sees the floor well in transition. She can defend, she gets in the passing lanes and anticipates really well which easily converts to great offense on the opposite end of the court. She can attack and finish in the lane, but also has the sharp shooting ability to pull it from any where on the floor. She has really developed this year and we are really looking forward to seeing her out there this July competing and playing at a high level.

Cristina Parrella 5’9 (PG) – c/o 2024 – So much can be said about her. She is also another one of our special young kids! She has shown so much maturity this year. She controls the flow of the game when she is leading. She understands how to make plays down the stretch. She has increased her range and consistency from three as well as mid range, shooting efficiently has really been what has made her a stand out guard this year.  Her ability to handle the ball and make key plays has really helped us as a team. She is growing as a leader and it has been fun to watch her compete and push herself each and every time she is out on the floor.

Sequoia Layne – 5’11 (F) – c/o 2024 – definitely one of those kids you have to keep an eye on. So much can be said about her. She is quick, long, athletic, and strong in transition. She can take it coast-to-coast off the rebound. She will be traveling for the first time this summer, we are excited to see her get out there and just hoop!

India Newman 5’10 (G) – c/o 2024 – One of the most athletic guards on our team. She shows off her athleticism with her on ball defense, reading passes and getting steals each time she is on the floor. She demonstrates her high IQ by finding open players but can also finish off at the rim. We are also excited to see her get out there and just hoop this summer.

Damani Anderson 5’9 (F) – c/o 2023 – Damani is one of the best rebounders on our team. She is athletic and has the potential to be the complete package with the amount of work she is going to put in this summer. She can play multiple positions on the floor and uses her athleticism to get into the passing lanes on the press.

Layla Greene 5’7 (G) – c/o 2023 – Layla is a guard that understands how to find her way to the rim, consistently drawing two defenders with the ability to dish to an open teammate. She is a player that has a lot of potential to do great things out on the court. She is a true team player and works extremely hard to earn all that is given to her. 

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