#BBWSUSA: Elevate Your Game With Elevate Elite


Basketball Wall Street: Elevate Your Game With Elevate Elite

Name: Elevate Elite
Director: Bruno Corras
Founded: 2013
Base: Virginia
Affiliation: Adidas
Twitter: Elevate_Elite
Website: ElevateElite.com

Program Goals

The goal is to get players to the next level (college).  We want to prepare players to not only make it to college but also make an impact once there.  Our program has created a platform for players to play on the circuit and compete vs the best.  We also focus on skill development and making each player better than when they first join the club. Each club recruits and thats the norm. But teaching, skill development, growth is so important to us.  End of the day, the goal for everyone is to help player’s achieve their ultimate goals: Using their love + passion for basketball as a way to get a free education and give them more opportunities.


  • Bruno Corras
  • Cedric Ollison
  • Diana Martinez
  • Kareem Robinson
  • Tony Cooch
  • Christie Shumadine
  • Sierra Edwards

unnamed (1)

17U Roster

’20 Jenae Dublin 6-2 WF
’20 Brooke Anya 6-1 F (Longwood)
’20 Kylah Franklin 6-0 WF
’20 Sydney Lewis 6-0 F
’20 Bri Johns 5-11 W
’20 Maya Henson 5-9 G
’20 Anna LaMaster 5-9 G (Dayton)
’20 Aurea Gingras 5-8 G (George Washington)
’20 Charlotte Jewell 5-7 G (Brown)

Toughest Travel Club Match-Ups

FBC United (GA) @ Run for The Roses

Northwest Blazers (WA) @ Adidas Gauntlet

Travel Club Outlook

There has been some good changes and some changes I wished happened.  I loved the fact they added a live period in May.  It made the season important and not just April/July.  I do wish they would spread out July a bit.  It definitely takes a toll on the kids after playing 8-10 games in 5-6 days. I think they should spread the dates and give a week in between each one in July.  Would be great to have one in June to offset the busy July.

Coaches should want to see players fresh and playing at their best.  I know our 17s got hit with the injury bug after Kentucky.  We couldn’t stay healthy through the rest of the month. I also like that kids can only play 2 games in one day.  Its not good for an athlete’s body to have to play more than 2 games a day.

16U Roster

’21 McKenna Rife 6-4 P
’21 Jordyn Grandberry 6-1 W
’21 Peyton Kircher 6-1 W
’22 Jaelyn Talley 6-0 F
’21 Jessica Singletary 6-0 W
’21 Jo Raflo 5-10 G
’22 Grace Arnolie 5-8 G
’22 Alayna Arnolie 5-8 G
’21 Daija Bennet 5-7 G
’21 Mackenzie Koch 5-7 G
’21 Laci Johnson 5-3 G

15U Roster

’22 Mia chapman 6-3 P
’22 Kiera Kohler 6-1 WF
’22 Ashley Steadman 6-1 WF
’22 Chrissy Cibbs 6-0 W
’22 Ana Bournigal 5-11 F
’22 Emma Nelson 5-10 W
’22 Chase Bell 5-8 G
’22 Caitlyn Shumadine 5-7 G
’22 Lynley Birchard 5-6 G
’22 Elena Bertrand 5-2 G


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