Basketball Wall Street: Dynamic Guard Mikeala Brunais, Emerging As a D1 Prospect”

Basketball Wall Street: “Dynamic Guard Mikeala Brunais, Emerging As a D1 Prospect”

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Name: Mikaela Brunais
Height: 5’8″
Position: Combo Guard
Class: 2020
School: Chantilly High School-(VA)
Grade-Point-Average: 3.8
Travel Club: Team Loaded


  • Fundamentally Sound
  • Half-Court/ Transition Vision
  • High Basketball IQ
  • Leadership Skills
  • Ball-Handling
  • Ability To Create Plays
  • Feel For The Game
  • 3-Point Shooting

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Mikeala Brunais is a young lady that is coming into her own as a standout sophomore guard prospect at Chantilly High School-(VA). She is a strong ball-handler with a high basketball IQ. She can also score the basketball and possess the ability to be a creative and effective passer. At an early age Mikeala is very goal orientated and focused. “My goals this season are to be a leader,  a play-maker, and a scorer to make my team better in every aspect in order to make a strong playoff run.” “I enjoy the energy you can give off on the court, the bond with my teammates, and the satisfaction you get when you see your hard work pay off.”

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The Fairfax, Virginia native is equally successful in the classroom sporting a firm 3.8 grade-point-average and is really interested in studying history and Spanish as a National Honors Society student.  Mikeala is of Colombian and German decent and her communication skills translate to the basketball court as the consummate team player. She has just recently joined the Team Loaded travel club based out of Virginia and the program is very happy to have her. “Mikeala’s basketball IQ is amazing,she has a talent for setting her teammates up to score. She talks on defense which is rare in today’s generation. She can knock down the 3-point shot and score off the dribble. Super great addition to my Team Loaded 703 squad.” Says coach Cortez Quarles. Look for Mikeala Brunais to perform at a high level this fall and winter as a standout student-athlete.

Basketball Wall Street: Prep Transfers 2017-18

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Basketball Wall Street: Prep Transfers 2017-18

Janae Robinson 5’9″|G|2018-Mountain View-(VA) to Woodbridge H.S.-(VA)
Ava Toone 6’0″|W|2021 Packer Collegiate-(NY) to IMG Academy-(FL)
Arieal Scott 5’10″|G|2018 Urbana H.S.-(IL) to Danville H.S.-(IL)
Jaida Patrick 6’0″|G|2019 Long Island Lutheran-(NY) to Saddle River Day-(NJ)
Koi Love 6’0″|W|2019 Lake Highland Prep-(FL) to Miami Country Day-(FL)
Janel Moore 5’5″|PG|2021 Saddle River Day-(NJ) to Paramus Catholic-(NJ)
Yamilla Emanuel 6’2″|F|2019-School of The Future H.S.-(NY) to St John’s Prep-(NY)
Laysha De Los Santos 5’4″|PG|2019-Bishop Loughlin-(NY) to South Shore H.S.-(NY)
Monique Pruitt 5’11″|G|2018-Homewood-Flossmoor-(IL) to Montverde Academy-(FL)
Erica Martinsen 5’9″|G|2018 Blair Academy-(NJ) to IMG Academy-(FL)
Ella Stewart 5’7″|G|2020 Fall Mountain-(NH) to St Paul’s School-(NH)
Fatima Lee 5’6″|G|2020 South Shore-(NY) to Putnam Science Academy-(CT)
Ciara Brannon 6’1″|W|2020 Camden Catholic-(NJ) to Willingboro-(NJ)
Tiffany Hammond 5’8″|G|2020 King’s Christian-(NJ) to Life Center Academy-(NJ)
Amani Free 6’0″|W|2018 Long Island Lutheran-(NU) to Cicero-North-(NY)
Diamonae McClean 5’8″|G|Long Island Lutheran-(NY) to St Francis Prep-(NY)
Destiny Samuels 6’0″|F|2018 Long Island Lutheran-(NY) to Baldwin-(NY)
Shanell Haskins 5’9″|G|2019 Riverdale Baptist-(MD) to Capitol Christian-(MD)
Brennah Cody 6’4″|P|2019 Queen of Peace-(NJ) to Patrick School-(NJ)
Maddy Ruddy 5’4″|PG|2020 Edison HS-(NJ) to Patrick School-(NJ)
Taniyah Greene 5’11″|F|2020 Capitol Christian-(MD) to Riverdale Baptist-(MD)
Yanni Hendley 5’8″|G|2019 Ursuline Academy-(DE) to Riverdale Baptist-(MD)
Amaya Oliver 6’2″|W|2020 St Mary’s-(CA) to Sacramento HS-(CA)
Janiya Jones 5’10″|G|2019 Whitewater-(GA) to Henry County-(GA)
Cassidy Roberts 5’7″|G|2019 Long Island Lutheran-(NY) to St Francis Prep-(NY)
Livija Kaktaite 5’6″|PG|2018 Lithuania U18 to Long Island Lutheran-(NY)
Chaniqwa Gilliam 5’9″|G|2019 Atlantic Shores Christian-(VA) to Lake Taylor-(VA)
Sophie Togus 6’0″|G|2020-Glenn Falls HS-(NY) to Brewster Academy-(NH)
Morgan Gentile 6’0″|G|2020 Troy HS-(PA) to Elmira HS-(NY)
Mikeala Brunais 5’8″|G|2020 Paul VI Catholic-(VA) to Chantilly HS-(VA)
Emaree Hinton 6’1″|F|2019-Bay Shore HS-(NY) to St Francis Academy-(MD)
Jayla James 6’1″|W|2019-Paul VI Catholic-(VA) to Riverdale Baptist-(MD)
Elizabeth Martino 5’11″|G|2020-National Christian-(MD) to Riverdale Baptist-(MD)
Rokia Doumbia 5’8″|G|2018 Hamilton Heights-(TN) to IMG Academy-(FL)
Honesty Scott-Grayson 5’11″|G|2018 Paul VI Catholic-(VA) to Riverdale Baptist-(MD)
Alisha Lewis 5’7″|PG|2019-Ursuline School-(DE) to Long Island Lutheran-(NY)
Olivia Wells-Daniels 5’9″|G|2020-Middletown-(OH) to Monroe Senior-(OH)
Cali Konek 5’6″|G|2019-Norwin-(PA) to Southmoreland-(PA)
Elizabeth Beals-Iseyemi 6’0″|WF|2019-Dartmouth HS-(NS) to St Paul’s School-(NH)
Jordan Issacs 6’2″|F|2019-North Paulding-(GA) to Saint Francis-(GA)
Jeanna Cunningham 6’3″|F|2020- Brentwood-(NY) to St Francis Prep-(NY)
Molly Lynch 5’7″|G|2020- St Rose-(NJ) to Rutgers Prep-(NJ)
McKenzie Helms 5’8″|G|2019-Loomis Chaffe-(CT) to East Haven-(CT)
Jennifer Ezh 6’3|F|2019 Riverdale Baptist-(MD) to New Hope Academy-(MD)
Andrea Aquino 6’9″|F|2018-Paterson Eastside-(NJ) to Ribet Academy-(CA)
Zenela Apesemaka 5’6″|G|2018-Bishop McNamara-(MD) to National Christian-(MD)
Niya Fields 5’8″|G|2020- Peekskill-(NY) to Putnam Science Academy-(CT)
Roxane Makolo 5’9″|G|2019-Quebec-(CAN) to New Hope Academy-(MD)
Shelby Hicks 5’9|G|2019- Parkdale to New Hope Academy-(MD)
Sunshine McCrae 6’2″|F|2019-East Pennsboro-(PA) to Trinity-(PA)
Ari Koivisto 5’8″|G|2019 Woodstock Academy-(CT) to Putnam Science-(CT)
Brooke Tartarian 5’9″|G|2021-Bronxville-(NY) to Masters School-(NY)
Taychaun Hubbard 5’7″|G|Laurel-(MD) to National Christian-(MD)
Gift Sampson 5’10″|WF|2018-Paterson Eastside-(NJ) to Lodi Immaculate-(NJ)
Aannah Interrante 5’10″|G|2018-Johnsburg-(IL) to McHenry-(IL)
Eva Interrante 5’7″|G|2020-Johnsburg-(IL) to McHenry-(IL)
Rejon Hawkins 5’10″|W|2019 TPLS Christian-(VA) to Rock Creek-(MD)
Syd Watkins 5’10″|WF|2018-Queen of Peace-(NJ) to Saddle River Day-(NJ)
Abigail Robinson 6’1″|F|2020 Mount Vernon-(NY) to Putnam Science-(CT)
Mikayla Pippen 6’1″|F|2018 St Vincent Pallotti-(MD) to Rock Creek-(MD)
Robyn Howard 5’7″|G|2019-Oxon Hill-(MD) to National Christian-(MD)

Basketball Wall Street: NCAA Assistant Coaches


Basketball Wall Street: NCAA Assistant Coaches

Listed below are some of the many exemplary assistant coaches in women’s college basketball.

Chevelle Herring-Creighton
Brooke Wyckoff-Florida State
Cristy McKinney-Elon
Shea Ralph-UConn
Dionna Jackson-Durrett-Mississippi State
Chelsea Newton -Georgia
Laura Harper-Florida
Kelley Gibson-Rutgers
Danielle Atkinson-Florida State
Samantha Williams-Louisville
Jolette Law-South Carolina
Marisa Moseley-UConn
Tiffany Morton-Mercer
Bridgette Mitchell-James Madison
Vernette Skette-Marquette
Bernadette Laukaitis-UPenn
Tammi Reiss-Syracuse
Tierra Rudd-Western Carolina
Milena Flores-Princeton
Joy Cheek-Vanderbilt
Diane Dodson-St Francis-BK
Danielle Brennan-Quinnipiac
Wesley Brooks-Michigan
Nadine Dormond-Rutgers
Adeniyi Amadou-Syracuse
Da’shena Stevens-St John’s
Bill Ferrara-New Mexico
Fitzroy Anthony-Miami
Tyler Patch-Brown
Shannon Perry-UCLA
Yolanda Cole-Sacred Heart
Kim Brewton-Middle Tenn State
Jonath Nicholas-St John’s
Stacey McCullough-Drexel
Mike Lane-Bucknell
Tiffany Swoffard-Toledo
Sean Smith-Rider
Chandler McCabe-Bethune-Cookman
Scott Schneider-Robert Morris

Basketball Wall Street: Florida State Women’s Basketball Recruiting on a High Note”


Basketball Wall Street: “Florida State Women’s Basketball Recruiting on a High Note”

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Florida State Women’s Basketball has just received a verbal pledge from Sammie Puisis, a 6-foot-1 guard from William Mason HS-(Mason, Ohio) who is a standout junior prospect with a high level of talent and potential. Head coach Sue Samrau has built a powerhouse basketball program at a school that was recognized for football and coach Bobby Bowden. Entering her 21st season in Tallahasse, she has amassed 401 wins, 5 Sweet Sixteens and 2 Elite Eight appearances. FSU’s notoriety has been predicated on football but women’s basketball gives fans, fellow students and alumni something else to cheer for and be proud of. Regularly a top 10 caliber team in the country, coach Semrau does a great job of successfully implementing transfers and junior college players into her system as a winning formula.

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   2018 Commitments

Izabella Nicoletti 5’10”-G-Neuse Christian Academy-(Raleigh, NC)
Kourtney Weber 5’10”-G-Ursuline Academy-(New Orleans,LA)
Amaya Brown 5’10”-PG-Cibola HS-(Albuquerque, NM)
Morgan Jones 6’1″-G-Our Lady of Mercy-(Fairburn, GA)

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 2019 Commitments

Sammie Puisis 6’1″-G-William Mason HS-(Mason, OH)
River Baldwin 6’5″-F-Pleasant Home HS-(Pleasant, AL)

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Basketball Wall Street: “New Jersey Standout, Erika Porter”

Basketball Wall Street: “New Jersey Standout, Erika Porter”

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Name: Erika Porter
Height: 6’2″
Position: Forward
Class: 2020
School: Notre Dame High School-(Lawrenceville, New Jersey)
Grade-Point-Average: 3.1
Travel Club: Undecided 


  • Athleticism/ Size For Position
  • Finishing Through Contact
  • Feel For The Game
  • Ability To Create Plays
  • Rebounding/ High Motor/ Defense

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Erika Porter is a sophomore at Notre Dame High School-(NJ) that is emerging as a standout forward prospect. At 6-foot-2, she is skilled and moves extremely well for a player of her stature. Her high intensity approach to the game enables her to be an elite defender that can also rebound exceptionally well and block shots. In the classroom, Erika will be challenged as a student-athlete attending the academically rigorous NDHS. “My goals is to focus on my education, further my development as a prospect so that I can be more effective, score more points, and to help my team WIN more games and a championship. Also to receive a D1 offer for college.” The West Windsor, New Jersey native has performed well enough to garner legitimate recruiting interest from Atlantic Coast Conference, Big East, Patriot and Ivy League schools respectively. Look for Erika Porter to have an outstanding scholastic season under the tutelage of head coach James Martinos, “Erika is an excellent player with a tremendous work ethic. I have been coaching for a long time and Erika ranks with the hardest workers I have ever coached. She is also a really good person and comes from a very nice family. She is respectful and really wants to be great. She is very easy to coach and we are looking forward to watching her continue to grow and become one of the best players in the state and beyond.”

Basketball Wall Street: “Connecticut Talent on The Rise”

Basketball Wall Street: “Connecticut Talent on The Rise”

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Name: Maya Klein
Height: 5’8″
Position: Combo Guard
Class: 2018
School: St. Luke’s School-(New Canaan, Connecticut)
Travel Club: Connecticut Impact|@CTImpact

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Maya Klein is a quality student-athlete from Connecticut that is entering her senior year at the St. Luke’s School of New Canaan. At 5-foot-8, she is a combo guard D1 prospect who is a deadly three-point shooter with a well-balanced skill-set, she can also get to the basket off the dribble and finish through contact. “My most obvious strength is my ability to shoot the basketball. I can catch and shoot very well and I’m able to create space for my shot off the dribble. Another strength is driving to the basket and making good decisions in the paint. I have also developed a quick release. I compete every time I step onto the court no matter if its a workout, a practice or a game — you an expect me to give 100% effort all the time. I have worked extremely hard to become a better on-ball defender.” Maya’s passion for the game, work ethic and focus is second to none. Her mental and physical toughness allows her to be a good defender and a team leader. “I love everything about playing basketball. I have been playing since I was eight years old and I played with boys until the 7th grade. That experience taught me to be tough and to have thick skin when I play. I love the structure of sports, and I really enjoy the experience of being on a team. Playing for different coaches has helped me grow as a person and a player. The sacrifices that I have made to get better is something I have embraced. I especially love the challenge of competing,” says Maya who has improved her game playing travel club basketball with the Connecticut Impact in some of the top events in the country. “I had a great experience this last AAU season. I loved the girls on my team and my coach Greg Thomas. He taught me so many things about myself as a player that were huge factors in how well I played this season.” She averaged 21.2 ppg and shot 43% from 3 in the USJN Nationals in July.
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In the classroom, Maya has scored 1300 on the SAT to go along with a stellar 3.7 grade-point-average at St. Luke’s, a school with concrete academics and a strong women’s basketball program lead by head coach Matthew Ward. “Although we’ve had tremendous success at St. Luke’s School, we have yet to win a New England Preparatory School Athletic Council Championship. As a senior my first goal for this season is to lead my team to our first NEPSAC championship. Also, I want to be a leader everyday in practice as a captain and help my team be the best we can be.” Being an integral part of her community it what sets Maya apart, she is active volunteering for “Filling In The Blanks” a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending child hunger by providing food to needy children on the weekend. She also spends time helping out at a children’s basketball camp run by the St.Luke’s School Men’s Basketball coach. All in all, Maya Klein possess all of the attributes of a division one prospect. She also embodies what the ideal student-athlete is all about. Look for her to have a great senior season playing for St. Luke’s.

Basketball Wall Street: “New Hope Academy-(MD)


Basketball Wall Street: New Hope Academy-(MD)

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New Hope Academy
Location: Hyattsville, Maryland
Type: Independent-K-12 
Founded: 1992
Head Coach: Sam Caldwell

Program Goals

  • Team grade-point-average of 3.35 or better
  • Maintaining a healthy team
  • Develop skills in the players that translate to the game
  • Create a championship culture
  • Get the players to compete for 32-mins

Recruiting Prospects

“First and foremost I am always looking for good students, that are respectful and display good character. At the end of the day the student-athlete must be coachable and be a good teammate. We need competitive spirited student-athletes that have passion for the game, and want to compete at a high level. Success breeds success, those are ingredients to achieve, and if we find that; well we don’t have to recruit, prayerfully we will attract the qualities of the brand we put out.”

Coaching Scholastic Basketball in The DMV

“I don’t think coaching basketball is that different in the DMV opposed to other places, its basketball. I believe there are some differences in the style of play that comes out of the DMV however. I have to share want has concerned me, and this holds true for my coaching colleagues across the country. There has been a disturbing trend of coaches getting attacked by parents, administrators and unfortunately other coaches. I have former players who I know would be outstanding coaches,refuse to enter the coaching ranks as a result of the aforementioned. In direct contrast, I see coaches working incredibly hard and going far beyond any normal expectations, (for the most part) for their student-athletes. Highly competitive environments, sometimes bings out the worst in folks, but I still believe we can be highly competitive without verbally killing one another. You will never hear me say anything bad about any coach, the coaches I know love kids and love this game.”

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